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We recommend a warm (up to 104°F) gentle machine wash with an all-natural detergent or a detergent that does not contain optical whiteners or brighteners. Do not bleach, soak or use any harsh chemicals. Do not dry-clean.

As with all bedding and clothing, new linen should be washed before using for the first time. Please note, as per our returns policy we cannot accept washed linen so we recommend trying it on your bed before washing.


You can line or tumble dry your linen. If line drying, please minimize prolonged and direct sun exposure where possible to safeguard the linen from uneven fading. If tumble drying, use a warm setting. Pull out promptly when finished and stretch out over the bed. Linen does not require ironing, however if desired, a warm iron setting or steamer can be used.

Linen & Denim Towels

Our Pure Linen & Denim Towels can be machine washed on a warm cycle (up to 104°F) and gently tumble or line dried. Do not bleach.

Due to the softening process during manufacturing, our towels may produce some excess lint when they first arrive. This will no longer happen after a few washes, so we simply recommend washing and tumble drying them separately.

Linen Waffle Robe

Our Linen Waffle Robe can be machine washed on a warm cycle (up to 104°F) and then gently tumble dried. Warm iron if desired. Remove the tie belt before washing, and do not bleach.

Silk Linen Flip Pillowcase

Our Silk Linen Flip Pillowcases can be machine washed on a warm cycle (up to 104°F) and then gently tumble dried. Warm iron if desired and do not bleach. We recommend washing dark colors separately.

CULTIVER x The Curated Apparel

For our silk and linen blended fabric pieces, we recommend hand washing or dry cleaning and drying flat out of direct sunlight. Cool iron if required.

For our linen pieces, we recommend a gentle machine wash and drying flat out of direct sunlight. Warm iron if required.

Beach Towels

Our Beach Towels can be machine washed on warm or cold and tumble dried on medium.

We recommend washing immediately after use in the pool and washing deep colors separately before first use. Do not bleach.

Silk Velvet Cushions

Our unique cushions are handmade in Turkey from vintage silk velvet fabric, with 100% linen backing. They have an invisible zipper closure for easy removal of the insert should the cover require cleaning. We recommend dry cleaning these delicate fabrics to preserve their beauty. Do not bleach.

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