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Sizing & ColorsUpdated 2 years ago


You can find the detailed sizing information for all of our products here. You can also find the size charts for each product on the product page. 

What do I do if I receive the wrong size?

By design our sizing is generous. This reduces strain on the linen and ensures our sizes fit all mattress depths. If you feel as though you have received the wrong size, please contact us as soon as possible.


Why does the color I received look different to how it looks online?

Colors can display differently across different screens and devices. We encourage you to request a swatch or find your closest stockist to confirm the color before you purchase.

Do your colors change between batches?

As linen is a natural fibre, there may be slight variations in some colors between seasons. As our Natural colored linen is not put through the same dyeing process as our other colours, this colour typically has the most seasonal variation.

Do you offer styling advice?

Absolutely, please reach out to our Customer Care team for styling advice and guidance on our colors and products. 

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